by Lynx Hollow

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released May 11, 2017

Words & music written by David Shayne

Produced by Ted Gowans & Adam Sutherland
Instruments played by David Shayne, Spencer Simmons, Adam Sutherland & Ted Gowans
Voice on Guns & Ghost by Lindsay Bryan
Strings on Stranger, Stay Here & Guns by Dougal McLean



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Lynx Hollow California

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Track Name: Catalyst
This town's not big enough for the both of us
I won't play drinking games
But I'll fuck myself up
I don't like you just as much as you don't like me
I ran my mouth for kicks
Black eye and a busted lip

Wooden floor, your dusty sheets
Slow, but breathing
Do you grind your teeth when you sleep with him?
I guess the ring doesn't matter

You're the daughter of a bad man
He let you down
Before you could talk, you were lying
I had pictures of her eyes
But she cut them out
She said that they look just like his

I'll play dead, just like you
Alone and covered in blue
I won't let you down

On the prowl in your descending dream
You can't stop me
You're on your knees
You've got it bad
I can't look away
You won't say you're sorry

She cut her hand
The black blood drips
On the painting of a sunken ship
She says It's me
I'm the catalyst
Your eyes are getting older
Track Name: Good Luck
I think it's time to grow up
The room is spinning like a carousel
I'm ignoring all the gossip
That shit they say, It makes me uncomfortable

Spoke with a girl you used to drink with
She says you're fine and that you're the same
She said she saw you at a party
Laughing with the guy that you date

I guess this makes you happy
Good luck, okay?

I'll bet you he's a liar
There's a reason why you call and he's never home
That excuse he has is classic
His heart is made of nothing but old black coal

You'll miss me in the winter
Show him how you'd kiss me when you were down
Now I'm waking up to nothing
The taste of bitter heartache still in my mouth
Track Name: I Won't Mind
It's so dark and cold
Now you're miserable
I'm like the ocean without a boat to hold
The lady on the T.V. says to get out of bed
And quit living in my head

We sit on the couch
And we talk about how I make you mad
Don't talk so fast
You light up a smoke
You cough and you choke
Use my heart for the ashtray
My arms for the cold

I won't mind if you stay

You kissed the snake on the tongue
Now, look what you've done
You've lost everything
You've lost everyone
This is nothing new
I know you used them too
Don't think this through
You've got nothing to lose
I'll forget about you
'Cause you forgot about me
You might think you're tough
But you'll cry yourself to sleep
She's on a staircase made of bibles
Looking for the truth
She's stepping on the sun(son)
To get a better view

I won't mind if you stay

You take off your clothes
In the cold wet grass
By the unmarked grave
You say you're depressed
and you wonder who
Who would cry for you
If you die tonight
Under this beat up moon
You hit my chest
I lose my breath
With my knees on the ground
I start looking around
If you try real hard in this dead man park
You'll hear the voice of the heartless
and the lover he shot

I won't mind if you stay
Track Name: Stranger
I live with no direction
She said "You're not the same"
I feel her warmth around me
Afraid to waste the day

I'm worried that I won't recover
I never really cared before
I left myself behind me
A victim of the storm

I'm not talking with the stranger anymore
The stranger inside of you
I'm not listening to the stranger anymore
The stranger inside of you

So, I made out like a bandit
A lover lost in the dark
A thief of time and passion
A villain from the start

I hear your voice, It's shaking
Tell me that you miss the rain
With your hands on my chest, I wonder
If I will ever sleep again
Track Name: Stay Here
You convince yourself that this all makes sense
I'm the pain in your back
I'm the mark on your wrist
Now you're living on your own
You sleep in motels
A dollar in your hand
Yourself to sell

I won't stay here if you don't want me to
You could never handle the truth
But I can't blame you

You convince yourself that you won't forget
I'm the heat on your neck
I'm the taste on your lips
Now you're walking all alone
You're begging for help
You can't love them if you don't love yourself
Track Name: Glass Heart
I promised you that I'd stop drinking
But only if you could keep your head from thinking
I swore to her that I'd write on weekends
We will never stop this boat from sinking

I never thought it would be so hard to break this
Glass heart in two
Tonight I'm gonna leave you
'Cause I never want to hate you

I know, you know, I know this town is dead
I never want to live here
I never want to breathe this air again
I love how you looked on the night that we met
In your black coat, walking on cracked cement
You said "I don't even know you, but I think that I want to
I know I'm gonna love you"
Track Name: Darkest Eyes
We will crash down
Destroy this empty house we live in
Close your mouth
You're always talking to yourself

Don't you be a liar like your mother, girl

Darkest eyes I've ever seen
The sun comes out when she goes to sleep
I left all my confidence at home
And now she won't remember me
At all

You will pass out
From all that late night drinking
Darling, look around
You're the only one who's laughing
Track Name: Ghost
You're knocking at the door
While I'm staring at the mirror
I'm looking like a ghost
One that's been around for years

With a lighter in my pocket
And a rope around my wrist
I'm thinking of that time,
And of that night we almost kissed

This will kill her
I never loved her
I'll tear their hearts out
And trade for anchors
I bleed with sailors
Across black ocean
I know you'll hate me for this
But for now, you're something I'll leave behind

We talk about the weather
You ask about my past
I never knew my mother
She just left me with my dad

I heard bad romance leads to death
So I hope we're still alive
When the city catches fire
And the sidewalk stars align
Track Name: Guns
She's like the city at night
With all the bright lights
But deep down there's something inside
That keeps her up and alive
She doesn't know what I like
That bottle is one place you could hide

She says:
"I'm gonna buy a gun,
I'm sick of looking dumb
I'll wear it out in the streets
and all the boys that I meet
will think differently of me"

She shows up at night
With a hand full of wine
I'm tired, but I'll let her in
We drink on my bed
We talk about shit
She slowly rests her head on me